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Demystifying Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

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Day Shell & Liljenquist, L.C. is an established law firm whose attorneys have extensive knowledge of bankruptcy law. We listen carefully to you, analyze your financial obligations, and recommend a course of action that will give you a fresh start. We take the time and have the experience to help you. Come to us and lay your burdens down. We'll take care of them and take care of them the right way.

What is Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Chapter 13 is sometimes referred to as the consolidation chapter. Although it is similar to a debt consolidation, a properly structured Chapter 13 plan may require you to pay back only a percentage of your unsecured debt. Chapter 13 is an option if you are having trouble making all of your debt payments, but you own too much property or make too much money to file under Chapter 7. Like a Chapter 7 bankruptcy , you can elect to keep your assets so long as you can continue to make the payments on them.

What happens after I file for Chapter 13?

If the court considers the plan fair, the judge confirms the plan, and you begin making regular payments to the Chapter 13 trustee. The Chapter 13 trustee distributes the money to your creditors in accordance with the plan. After you successfully complete your Chapter 13 repayment plan, the court issues a discharge order for your remaining dischargeable debts.

What are the advantages of Chapter 13?

Chapter 13 offers many advantages that are not available under Chapter 7, including:

  • Stopping foreclosure proceedings
  • Giving you a way to cure delinquent mortgage payments over time
  • Allowing rescheduling of secured debts to extend the repayment period
  • Providing a shield from your creditors during the life of your Chapter 13 case, including the repayment period of 36 to 60 months.

To learn more about bankruptcy's advantages and disadvantages, visit our bankruptcy FAQs page. We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy.