Third Party Workplace Injury Claims in Utah

If you get injured in the workplace due to the neglect of a third party, turn to worker’s compensation attorney Phil Shell. He offers representation to settle your claim and get you a satisfying case outcome.

Third-party workplace injuries are unique cases because they investigate an incident at work as well as a third party who might be accountable for it. For example, a truck driver who is injured in a motor vehicle accident can file a case against the other party. As another example, a factory worker can explore the possibility of filing a case against the manufacturer of equipment that caused their injury.

Given these examples, we can define the most common types of third-party workplace injuries:

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Many third-party workplace injuries occur when an employee driving a company vehicle gets involved in a motor vehicle accident. This most commonly occurs among delivery drivers, truck drivers, home health care workers, construction workers and sales representatives.

As the injured party, you can file a worker’s compensation claim as well as a lawsuit against the third party. With our help, you can collect benefits for the actual injury and for your pain and suffering, wage loss, physical damages and additional non-economic damages.

Dangerous Workplace Conditions

Our law firm is familiar with cases wherein service workers, such as electricians and plumbers, are injured during work hours on the property of someone other than their employer.

The property owner is responsible for maintaining a safe work environment for service workers. This includes their property and equipment. So if you are injured while performing your work on somebody else’s property, you may consider filing a lawsuit for injuries not covered by your worker’s compensation claim.

Equipment Failures

This common cause of third-party workplace injuries is a result of someone else’s negligence. Injuries may occur because an equipment owner neglects to maintain their equipment. Alternatively, injuries may occur when the equipment is faulty.

Attorney Phil Shell assists you in filing a lawsuit against a third party who is liable for your work-related injuries. Don’t hesitate to come to him when you believe that a negligent third party caused your injury. His legal counsel can help you in various aspects:

Proper Investigation

Phil represents employees with work-related injuries and illnesses. He uses all available resources to properly investigate the circumstances.

Streamlined Legal Process

Filing a lawsuit is complicated. Rely on an experienced team of lawyers who will ensure all your paperwork is filed correctly, on time, so that your case can move forward.

Strong Representation

Get an experienced lawyer who will make sure your case is backed up with concrete evidence and a well-planned strategy. Phil represents clients aggressively because he wants to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

If you suffer a work-related injury and are unsure whether you should file a third-party claim, get in touch with attorney Phil Shell today.


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